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When you click on one of the time-fields, then the time is stored in the next row.

Best to use with "Dimension 4" the most accurate time-syncronization program: http://www.thinkman.com/dimension4
Time-script copyed from Nikolaus A. Bär :www.nabkal.de But modified. With regards.
It is your PC-Time and can be delayed through interrupts from other running programs.


Fine to use with the monitor-calibration-tool.

Credit to SSEC

Bild der Sonne vom Satelliten SOHO (EIT 304Å), via NASA.

Click for the Helioviewer web-application from ESA

Global Temperatures

+ + Das Unwetterwarnmodul des DWD + +

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Wetter in Konstanz
Mehr Wetter
Current position of the ISS. Thanks to Chris Peat@Heavens-Above.com
 No ISS-Service nowGround track
Ground track


Current Earthquake Activity USGS

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